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Incert is a Sydney based private firm specialising in building certification and consulting, with a focus on the commercial, government and industrial sectors.

We take pride in delivering a professional and dedicated service to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction throughout our engagement.

We un-complicate the complicated.

We tailor our services and staffing to meet the needs of each client, company and project regardless of size or complexity. ​

Our Services

Building Certification Services

  • Construction Certificates (CC)
  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC)
  • Occupation Certificates (OC)

Building Code Consulting

  • Advisory on building code and regulations
  • Compliance review of designs against the building code
  • Building upgrade reports
  • Construction inspections and advisory
  • Building Performance Solutions
  • Crown Certification

Accessibility Consulting

  • Advisory on access codes and regulations
  • Compliance review of designs against the access code
  • Universal design
  • Livable and accessible housing
  • Access Performance Solutions
  • Building upgrades to meet access standards

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